Inspired by memories of tropical landscapes at home in Colombia, Camela Swimwear feels like earth’s most sacred elements; sea, sun, earth and sky.

Camela was founded by our owner & designer Sara Henao; born and raised in Colombia, now living in Montreal, Canada. Following a background in fashion, Sara merged her passion for textiles with her love for nature and communicated this creativity by creating sustainable swimwear. Each piece is crafted with love and respect for the planet and our communities.

At Camela, we believe in confidence, and the way it shapes how we live our lives. We create pieces that make you feel like your best self-- a hybrid between the perfect classic cut and a sexy Brazilian fit. Our focus is to mix elegant silhouettes with cheeky high cuts that are inspired by the beauty of the female form without sacrificing comfort. 

By creating a sustainable swimwear brand that believes in helping the environment, Camela Swimwear wants to leave a good footprint on the planet. We do our part by using the best eco-friendly methods available to create our swimwear from packaging to the end product.